Our Team at LettsNews

Philip Letts: First-Start Lead

Philip has a wealth of experience leading international technology and digital media businesses. He designed the 21st Century LettsGroup, founded LettsNews and created the group’s incubator methodology and approach. Philip is the 7th generation of the eponymous diary and media family.

Jim Brown: CTO

A highly technical executive/serial entrepreneur with 40+ years experience driving strategy, product delivery, analytics and operations across automotive, e-commerce, retail, database/ERP, advertising and telecommunications industries. Jim has experience in multiple blue-chip companies running technology groups/initiatives.

Dorian Tireli: Product Designer

Dorian's mission is to help LettsNews deliver meaningful customer experiences that leverage the latest advanced technology, new organisational structures, and cultural transformations that require visionary change. Dorian is a hands on UX/UI designer with strategic and commercial instincts.

Sebastian Letts: Web Developer

Sebastian is a part of the technology team at LettsNews, doing both web development and IT support. He is also skilled in SEO and content marketing including its use of AI.

Philip Crawford: Advisory Board Lead

Philip is one of the UK's most senior software CEO's and an experienced technology investor. Philip was CEO Oracle UK and Ireland, President of EDS international and CEO Honeywell-Bull UK. Philip also launched an early internet incubator.


LettsGroup is a branded venture group. Its wider team and resources help LettsNews to go from idea to a successful, profitable and scaled venture. LettsNews is a LettsGroup company.
LettsNews is the future of news creation.
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