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LettsNews is an AI machine that takes high quality journalism as an input and turns it into outbound feeds to either self publish (twitter, substack, instagram, facebook, wordpress, medium or others) or to market to other media channels (newspapers, e-papers, TV, radio and indi-channels like YouTube and others).

Our news system is broken

The current news publishing model is broken. The news has become a commoditized item with little money in it for journalists, writers or publishers. Too much money goes to search engines and social media platforms. Too little to the original creators of news.

There is no ebay for news items that rewards anyone who gathers it with an efficient online content marketplace. A market that accurately prices news pieces and fairly rewards its authors - no matter who they are or where they come from. Solving this will rejuvenate local news and reinvent national news. This is more important than ever as our broken news system is affecting our thinking, our politics and our society.

LettsNews has the answers

For journalists

LettsNews is developing a Journalist app that enables any news gatherer to capture, edit and publish any kind of news on the ground or in their home. Crowdsourcing the news from professional or semi professional journalists, hobbyists and citizen journalists. The Journalist app allows publishing across a broad range of channels including LettsNews itself as a news marketplace. Journalists can also collaborate on content and be rewarded for their contributions.
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For publishers

The LettsNews Publisher System utilises AI curation, search and real-time editorial and syndication systems to distribute the news in real time. News items are priced on the fly, rewarding the legions of news gatherers quickly and fairly. An automated news agency for the masses.
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LettsNews is the future of news creation.
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